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A Celebration of Body Love!

Submitted by EPF Volunteer

I love my body because…

I use it to interact with the world.

It allows me to see, touch, hear, smell and taste all kinds of things.

I love my legs so that I can walk, run, jump and get to places.

I love my mind because it’s a one-of-kind mind that is unique to myself.

I love my ears because I can listen to music, my family and friends.

I love my hands because they help me write.

I love my stomach because it digests all the food I eat.

I love my heart because it pumps my blood for me.

I am uniquely me and this is my body love!

Considering The Swapportunity

Submitted by Volunteer Aimee Tritt

Two recent Yoplait advertisements have coined a term that enforces ideas about “good” and “bad” foods, to the detriment of young, female consumers. A swapportunity, as can be interpreted from the commercials, is an opportunity to exchange a higher-calorie snack or dessert for a yogurt, resulting in less guilt and presumably, a slimmer physique and a higher chance to attract the opposite sex.

The message sent from these commercials says this: young women should eat yogurt instead of “unhealthy” snack foods like cookies and chips if they want to stay thin (and attract a man). This type of messaging contributes to yogurt’s “health halo” effect and sets up young women to make choices based on perceived goodness rather than their own desires. Yoplait doesn’t care that their product isn’t as tasty as cookies or chips; they’re banking on the fact that women will feel less guilty about themselves if they choose yogurt over the snack they really want. The irony is that the nutritional distinction between the yogurt and cookies or chips are negligible when considered in the context of a balanced diet. A container of Yoplait® Original yogurt has approximately the same number of calories as a serving of potato chips and just as much sugar as the cookie. In taking advantage of their swapportunities, the young women in these commercials have only succeeded in stifling their true preferences by substituting a food that’s considered more acceptable in the eyes of today’s health-conscious consumer.

Andrea Gibson – The Nutritionist

Sections taken from Andrea Gibson’s Poem “The Nutritionist”.

Shared by EPF Volunteer.

The pharmacist said klonopin, lamictil, lithium, Xanax
The doctor said an antipsychotic might help me forget what the trauma said
The trauma said don’t write this poem
Nobody wants to hear you cry about the grief inside your bones.

My bones said “write the poem”.

The lamplight. Considering the river bed. To the chandelier of your fate hanging by a thread. To everyday you could not get out of bed.  I have been told, sometimes, the most healing thing to do- Is remind ourselves over and over and over Other people feel this too.

The tomorrow that has come and gone And it has not gotten better. But when I thought I hit bottom, it started hitting back. There is no bruise like the bruise of loneliness kicks into your spine.

So let me tell you. I know there are days it looks like the whole world is dancing in the streets when you break down like the doors of the looted buildings. You are not alone and wondering who will be convicted of the crime of insisting you keep loading your grief into the chamber of your shame. You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.

I have never met a heavy heart that wasn’t a phone booth with a red cape inside. Some people will never understand the kind of superpower it takes for some people to just walk outside. Some days I know my smile looks like the gutter of a falling house. But my hands are always holding tight to the ripchord of believing A life can be rich like the soil. Can make food of decay. Can turn wound into highway.

He is the Deepest Desire

Submitted by Mel Ness.


I want things in this life.

I want to get married, have kids, and impact people for the better.


But don’t we all want something?

We all have goals.




Push away all of these things, just for a minute.

Slide back the veil of what makes each of us different.



Social status.

Sexual orientation.




Body type.

You fill in the blank.


Push back these things and you will find that there is one commonality, one thing that makes us all not so different.

We all want to know that we are worth something.

We all want something to bring to the table as an offering to the world.

Not just something, but something of value.


We try so hard to come up with things to be good at.


We spend hours practicing sports and music in hopes of being just a tad more talented than the guy next to us.

We read books, go to school, and get an education so that we can contribute to society and show that we’re worth something.


We workout because we want to be perfect, beautiful, worthy.

We marry someone because we want our life to scream to others that we are ‘finally starting something worthwhile.’


Do you want to know a secret?

There is this Gift-giver.


A Giver who has given us something to offer when we don’t have anything else to give.

But we forget.

So when our dreams, goals, and benchmarks have been reached and they still don’t seem to cut it…He is standing there.

The Gift-giver stands up with a gift, beautifully wrapped.

The Giver stands, saying, “I am the deepest – the deepest desire of your heart.


“When you get that raise and you’re finally making the income you always thought would make you feel as though you’d arrived and it still doesn’t solve all your problems – I am there.

When you get married to the one you love and you still don’t feel fully fulfilled – I am there.

When you have children and they’re amazing, wonderful, and all you’d ever hoped for…but you feel as though you’re not “doing much” in the world – I am there.

When you try your hardest to look perfect, lose those last five pounds, spend your time and resources on looking your best, but feel frustrated that there is someone next to you who is more perfect, skinnier, and more put together than you – I am there.

When you finally reach that milestone in your career, yet you are miserable – I am there.

When you accomplish and still feel as though you fall short – I am there.


I am here.

Waving my arms.

Trying to grasp your attention and win your affection.


Why do you try so hard to find a gift to offer, when I have already given you one? I have given you a Gift to offer that will outshine and outlast anything out there. My name is the Christ.”


‘I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10




Your True Colors

Submitted by EPF Volunteer.

Every season, these leaves change.

They become who they must – the inevitable beauty happens.

We’re just like these leaves.

Our colors grow and are ever-changing, depicting the wear that the world takes on us.

Embrace your beauty this week.

Express your true colors today for the seasons are bound to change, bringing new hues all around.