About Us

The Emily Program Foundation was founded in 2007 to further the education, outreach, and research efforts of The Emily Program, a pioneering therapeutic and clinical provider serving people with eating disorders. In 2008, The Emily Program Foundation merged with the Anna Westin Foundation, which had been established by her family eight years prior following Anna’s tragic death from an eating disorder. Anna had struggled for years, and following her death, her family channeled their grief and rage into making a difference for others suffering from eating disorders by promoting advocacy and awareness about eating disorders. Merging the Anna Westin Foundation with The Emily Program Foundation combined the resources and missions of both, allowing for the expansion of outreach and support efforts to increase service to a larger community.

Today, The Emily Program Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, serving the public. The Foundation continues the important work identified by its founding leaders: that education and outreach about eating disorders and related issues are key to prevention and recovery.

Our Mission:

The Emily Program Foundation is on a mission to save lives, change minds, and work to eliminate eating disorders.

Our Vision:

The Emily Program Foundation envisions a world without stigma and misconceptions about eating disorders and disordered eating. We will be the catalyst in shaping new, informed conversations through advocacy, social outreach, and collaboration with community partners.

Our Core Values:

  • Disordered eating and eating disorder behaviors are detrimental to individuals, families, and communities
  • A person’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being are all contributing factors influencing health
  • Through community organizing and systemic societal changes we can prevent eating disorders
  • Everyone deserves access to treatment and can recover