Black Mist. White Light.

By: Kristine Strangis

It takes over you.
It runs your life.
It sucks you in.
Lost in an addiction.

Once you are in the black mist, it seems like there is no escape.
Never give up.
There is always light, even in the darkest times.

You see it,
That little glow in the pitch-black darkness,
It looks like a star, salvation, freedom.
You start to reach for the light,
Tasting freedom as it comes.

But you immediately stop yourself.
Suddenly, the black mist surrounds you, tempting you to come back.
It starts making promises that you know it will never keep.
You feel those feelings again.
The black mist gives you this pleasure as you breathe it in.
It takes the feelings away so you do not have to feel the pressure.

You look away for a moment
Staring at that faint glow with envy and think:
What could this little white light possibly do for me?

As you venture back into the darkness it feels incredible.
But, those moments pass just as quickly as they arrived.
You start to feel trapped again.
Lost in an endless cycle of never-ending extremes of bliss and suffering.
The illusion of having control takes over unlit you lose yourself.
The black mist is eating away at you slowly.

One chance, you think.
One chance to save yourself.

You go back toward the white light,
Desperately running.
Sweat dripping down your cold pale face.

You think freedom, as you get closer to the white light.
Feelings you have never felt before come alive.
Joy, sadness, fear, anger.
Light and dark.
Once you’re inside that little white light, it feels as though you are blinded.
Fearing the unknown.
But, in time, you awaken.

Choosing life over death.
Not just surviving, but thriving.
Alive for all the wonderful things that life has to offer.
All these feelings overwhelm you as you realize, you are finally free in the white light.

Your skin glows with radiance.
Your hair long and healthy.
Your body strong.
You have escaped,
You are free.

Goodbye black mist.
Hello white light.
Take me away.

The black mist starts to disappear as you let it go.
Fading away as find your way.
Now you are happy.
Now you are free.

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