Classroom Tools

Schools are often challenged to educate students about eating disorders. With so many stereotypes about eating disorders, it can be difficult to know what information is appropriate to share. That is why The Emily Program Foundation has compiled information from many difference sources to give educators an easy tool for reference.  We also have provided a list of videos that we recommend for use in the classrooms.

Video Resources for Schools

Lessons for Your Classroom

In addition to these resources, we have also compiled a number of lessons that can be used in the classroom about a variety of topics.  You can help students learn more about Media Literacy, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Normal Eating, and Movement.

Comments from recent participants in our school programs:
“Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have dedicated to our program… I feel very strongly that the classroom presentations have had an important impact on our kids. These messages are so critical to help them become healthy teenagers and adults – and without you this would never have been possible.”

“The information is so important and the students need to hear this information. The presenters make it easy to understand and you can tell they are passionate about the topic of eating disorders. We would love them to come back in the future.”


For questions or to receive a copy of our Handbook for Educators, contact our Senior Manager of Programs and Impact Emily Monson.