Friends & Family Groups

The Emily Program Foundation believes that involvement of friends and family is crucial to recovery from an eating disorder. Families do not cause eating disorders, but they are greatly affected by them.

Eating disorders cause pain, fear, anxiety, frustration and disruption in the lives of loved ones: partner, spouse, mother, father, step-parents, siblings, children, in-laws, extended family members, friends, and others.

Click here for a brief piece from a father whose daughter struggled with an eating disorder, and the tremendous help he found in the Foundation’s Friends & Family Groups.

For friends and family, it is crucial to get support while caring for someone with an eating disorder; we strongly encourage them to connect with others for support and resources. Trained facilitators who have “been there” run these important groups.

Comments from recent participants in our Friends & Family Groups:
“My daughter has been a patient at a couple eating disorder facilities. You are the only organization that offers this great group. I make sure I tell everyone I can…that they can attend these groups.”

“These groups are what we need and it is so worth it… We always go because we learn something new each time and the facilitators helped us greatly.”
“Great group. Please keep offering it. It is the one thing that helps me get through the hard times with my daughter.”

These groups are free and open to the public. If you would like to observe a group for a course requirement contact us by phone or email at least one week prior to observation.

Dates, times and locations are listed here. Some dates are subject to change due to holidays. Please email us or call 651-379-6122 with questions.