Sex Sells: Does Nudity Sell Perfume?

By Zachary Hallett-Arnold

The product featured in this ad is Velvet Orchid, which is a perfume created by Tom Ford. This ad also features a model who is completely naked. She is covering a majority of her private parts with her upper arm and thigh. She is lying on a metallic, yet silky looking piece of material. If you look close enough, you can see the product in the bottom left corner. The model is holding a very small bottle of Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid perfume. Tom Ford could be targeting literally anyone who finds sex appealing. Specifically, the target audience for this ad could be men looking for a perfume for a significant other of the opposite sex, or women who are seeking to attain the model’s uncommon beauty, size and overall perfection.

This ad is misleading in many ways. Although the image may be appealing because of the nude model, we have no idea what the product even smells like (there is no sample included with this ad). We don’t know how much it costs and we do not know whether the product is worth buying.

In addition to the lack of product detail, the model is also heavily Photoshopped. It creates the illusion that her body is flawless, almost matching the flawless, silky, metallic background.. Ads like these can have serious implications for its viewers. This ad promotes the thin ideal because the size of the model is far below an average American woman. It can potentially create a negative body image and low self-esteem for any woman who sees this image and desires to be more like the model displayed.  It can also foster unrealistic expectations among men about what women are supposed to look like.

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